Même ton rire sonne faux 


oeuvre de Théâtre Musical pour cor anglais solo 

projet de cocréation avec le compositeur Symon Henry

Poésie : Symon Henry

Costume : Fruzsina Lany

Création août 2015 au Ostrava Days Festival

Enregistrement live au Ostrava Days Festival 2015

"...The composer Symon Henry presented himself as first, with his composition for oboe solo Meme ton rire sonne faux. The approximately ten-minute long composition was shaped as a ritual, even shamanist oboe enchanting with numerous glissandi and trills. What was magic was the performance by the brilliant oboe player Béatrice Laplante to whom the compositions was dedicat ed..."


traduction : Iva Oplistilova

article original : http://www.hisvoice.cz/ob/articles/detail/2699






"...Symon Henry is a composer living and working in Montreal ...he works with theatricality extended with graphic or conceptual elements which he proved also with his composition for solo English horn performed in a masterly level by the oboe player Béatrice G. Laplante. Her task was not only to play using circular breathing and to talk in breaks but all this she had to conduct in a dress filling all the stage space..."


traduction : Iva Oplistilova

article original : http://www.ostravan.cz/23829/prvni-koncert-ostravskych-dnu-2015-nova-hudba-znela-na-hlubine-sugestivne/

Crédit photo : Ostrava Days Festival